David Soul in "Jerry Springer - The Opera"


London - Cambridge Theatre - From July 12 2004 to February 19 2005

Images from the BBC recording of the show on December 23 2005 (Aired on January 7 2005)

David introducing the show:

David as "Jerry Springer":

"...Oh! What the heck! Go ahead, burn me if it makes you happy. See if I care. You're never gonna agree about everything. And what's so bad about that? Satan, you're never going to get your apology. And God, you just don't get a shoulder to cry on..."

"...it's been a hell Of a day. I've learned that there are no Absolutes between good and evil, and That we all live in this glorious state Of flux. What can I say? You're not Looking at a dying man here, you're Looking at yourselves. In a matter of Months, a few years, whatever. And for Better or for worse, history defines us, What we do, and what we choose not to Do. Hopefully, what survives of us is love. So, until next time, take care of Yourselves, and each other."